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I, Laura S deGrey (nee Potter), claim full responsibility for MY OWN actions and opinions, and nothing more. What I Say and What I Do is My Liability. I Cannot and Will Not accept responsibility for the actions and opinions of Others, nor the Consequences of Same.

Oh... NO Names are Changed to Protect the GUILTY! People generally find me easy-going and forgiving of mistakes. But, I deal with people forthrightly and expect the same in return! This means that I WILL NEVER intentionally Slander, Libel, or Defame someone. However, I WILL SPEAK OUT! I tell the tale as accurately and fully AS I CAN. The Innocents have nothing to fear from my words. The Guilty must face the consequences!

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I retain the major copyright for my webpages. Where I know of the copyright holder of a graphic, or quote, or other such item, I am quite willing to fully credit and hyperlink them. General Permission is Granted for the Non-Commercial Use of My WebSite(s) with the Following Requirements:

Maintain my primary copyright. Don't Use it Commercially. That's MY prerogative and;

Specifically Credit me for my text. It is MY thoughts and Views, and thus I hold responsibility for them, as well as benefit from them.

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