transparent spacer Thoughts of a silver(dot) buttercat

within an instant
of violent
reveals my true

the pinch is a searing
knife-edge pain

Numbness experienced...
and the feedback
of nerves
a humbling
...and crippling intensity...
© 25 November 1988...
written at 03:00 am, after an injury that twisted my body nearly 180 degrees.
The residual damage is a large part of why I am in a wheelchair now.


What note is the seal pup's cry
that cuts like an arrow to the heart
Loneliness and fear washes over
the child left all alone...

In the night...
the noble wolf howls divide the silence
Throughout the land heralds call
a chill moon's passage

What is the sound of a butterfly
weeping sadly
Gossamer wings acquiver
atwitch with gentle sobbing

Behind eyes aglisten
wet with tears
A soul grieves losses accrued
Years of dreams unfulfilled
mourned in their wispy dissipation

What is the music of a moth's breath
mingling with vagrant breezes
Her time a wafting vapor passing
here...and then no more



How easy it is
to be ignored, to be forgotten
A zephyr flitting through a mind
a will-o-wisp with substance faded

How easy to overlook
the small, the sad, the quiet
while bustling in scattered frenzy
to and fro... and fro again

How easy to misunderstand
even quite the simplest gesture
The thought and word unspoken
lost in mists of ignorance

How easy it is to hurt...


cRaZy BuTTeR-kIttY

zephyr wafting to and fro...
barest touch of breath
floating...drifting aimlessly ..
now east and now to west

doomed to wander evermore
across a realm she never knew
a chance of ever coming back
is granted but to few

an edge she never saw
broke free within her gentle soul
cracking timid buttercat
she won't attain her goal

shattered heart cries fear and shame
broken body trembles...
battered mind wanders lost
her soul a fading ember.

17 September '97

a line of rainbow

wounded...and left for dead

gentle lady-kitty drags herself
weakly to the side
her soft meow whispers for healing touch
and vision of clear light

mighty juggernaut
churning headlong down the path
crushing force rolls ever onward
its wake, a tragic aftermath

butter.kitty's nimble strength...
pales before the beast's onslaught
fur body bent and broken
fear and pain her only thoughts

sad heart yearns for comfort
as she trembles in a heap
softly crying for an end to pain
and the peace of ever-sleep

sweet reaper of the harvest
takes her spirit not away
but calms her soul with tenderness
by the dawning of bright day

cradled in the healing arms
of one whose love flows deep
gently touching fingers probe
no longer need she weep

15 September '97

a subtle line of rainbow origin


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